Current Walks

Many, many moons have passed since the New York Times write-up and I’m still getting in requests for walks from one or two people, none of them for the same day. Sorry. I don’t do walks each and every day, never have — if I’m leading a tour on a Wednesday it’s because some group or high roller has arranged it. If people want to shell out the big bucks, like Sam Spade my services can be bought.

But as I detail on my groups by appointment page, hauling into town on a weekday for one person for $20 wouldn’t even cover gas and parking. If you plan on coming to San Francisco, then also plan to stay over on a Sunday, give me at least a month notice, and if nothing gets in the way I’ll toss on a walk where anyone can show up at noon for $20 each and take my chances on attendance.

For September folk have requested walks (where anyone can show up with $20 at noon) for Sunday September 11 and Sunday September 18 — and another just in for Sunday September 25. I can smell the tread wearing off my gumshoes now. . . .

Otherwise, only groups by appointment are on the near horizon, but when and if more “just show up” tours get penciled into the schedule, I’ll let you know.

Photo below: me in Union Square backed up by the St. Francis Hotel:

Don in front of St. Francis