Current Walks

Many, many, many moons have passed since the New York Times write-up and I’m still getting in requests for walks from one or two people, none of them for the same day. Sorry. I don’t do walks each and every day, and I never have — if I’m leading a tour on a Wednesday it’s because some group or high roller has arranged it.

If people want to shell out the big bucks, like Sam Spade my services can be bought.

But as I detail on my groups by appointment page, hauling into town on a weekday for one person for $20 wouldn’t even cover gas and parking. If you plan on rolling into San Francisco outside rainy season, then also plan to stay over on a Sunday, give me at least a month notice, and if nothing gets in the way I’ll toss on a walk where anyone can show up at noon for $20 each and take my chances on attendance.


Even during rainy season, I can always guide groups by appointment through pounding monsoons, should any such groups be inclined. Few spring for the opportunity.

The plan for January and February and maybe even March is to huddle inside with a drink, maybe start sticking the hat outside in April to see how the weather is going.

But I’ll kick off the year with a quick talk indoors — Thursday January 4 for the Tenderloin Museum on one of my favorite topics, the 1920 silent film The Penalty starring Lon Chaney.

Photo below: me in Union Square backed up by the St. Francis Hotel:

Don in front of St. Francis