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Hammett: The Big Book of the Continental Op

Due to hit the book racks in a month or less, you get your chance to read each and every Op story — in order, if you want — in texts taken from the original pulp appearances. Unless you’re one … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Arrggghhh. . .

When I was roaming the Internet the other day, browsing memoirs of Ed Gorman (and I just had the memory that during my phone chat with him, Gorman also rushed to the defense of John D. MacDonald, who gets a little … Continue reading

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Hammett: A Really Old and Highly Inaccurate News Flash

Suddenly people are popping me links to a 2011 article from The Guardian about Hammett’s Lost Works Found in Texas — must have surfaced on Facebook or someplace. Yeah, yeah. I knew about it at the time and ignored it, … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: A Little Xmas Present for Hardboiled Fans

When I did my PW interview with James Crumley back in 2001 I only had a certain word count I could squeeze in. I moved some of the Qs & As back and forth for flow. And we had one … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: A 15 Year Anniversary

Say what you will about me, but I’m slow and steady — mostly slow. Or maybe lazy is a more accurate term. Sure, I can knock out some speed if needed, do a book in a couple of months. But … Continue reading

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Hammett: “The Gatewood Thing” Caper

Today is the 54th anniversary of the death of Dashiell Hammett — and starts us toward the five year marker for this blog (although the website itself kicked off in late 2000 — hey, a fifteen year anniversary!). As a mini-memorial, how about a … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Brian Leno Reviews a Bestseller; or, Amazing Exploits of the Tallest Midget

When I began my casual gig reviewing books for Publishers Weekly back in 2000, I told Pete the editor that I wasn’t interested in covering any novels that were being packaged as “bestsellers” — I did my time earlier in those … Continue reading

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Hammett: Zobeck Takes on The Hunter and Other Stories

  And in celebration of Birthday 120 for Hammett, how about the thoughts of a long-time Hammett fan and collector on the most recent collection of his stories? Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Terry Zobeck: Back in October Don reviewed The … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Hunter and Other Stories

Official release date is next month, but you can start licking your chops now if you want — finally, a collection gathering the little trove of mostly unpublished Hammett short stories that has been in the holdings of the Ransom … Continue reading

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Smackdown: Haefele vs. Joshi!

When I first mentioned John D. Haefele’s book on Derleth, Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, I knew he’d eventually catch a barrage or two from the entrenched forces in that arena. And now longtime Lovecraftian and Publishers Weekly editor Peter Cannon suggests … Continue reading

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