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Frisco Beat: Tenderloin is the Night

Figuring I could kill a couple of birds with one speaking appearance, I told Bill Arney (left) and Mark Murphy (center) — a former and a current inhabitant of 891 Post Street — about the talk in the Tenderloin Museum, where … Continue reading

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Hammett: A Few Notes from a Former Thin Man

Naturally, my post the other day about the first meeting of me and no less than Bill Arney on a tour back in 1982 was noticed by Bill Arney, who says: “Oh, man. “That was my first hat, my first … Continue reading

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Hammett: Tracking Down Two “New” Stories by “Peter Collinson”

The Holiday Season seems to have uncorked Terry Zobeck! He’s back with another Mystery in Hammett Bibliography — and even better, he’s already got the mystery solved! Take another trip with Terry into the archives of the Library of Congress, … Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema: Cheese for Halloween

The tour group for Sunday the 13th was pretty interesting — of the ten people who showed up ready to walk, slightly more than half seemed to be from Australia, plus we got a guy from Spain, in the burg … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday July 1

The next walk anyone can show up for, no reservations, no questions asked, will be Sunday July 1. The usual routine. Four hours. $10 per person. Start at noon near the revolving “L” sculpture. The shot above may be of … Continue reading

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891 Post: What’s Happening Now

If you’re local, you probably saw the news article on the guy who currently rents the Sam Spade apartment in 891 Post that appeared April 29 — those of you scattered across the globe can follow the link and read … Continue reading

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Hammett: More Rhea and Wilmer

Bill Arney has been busy knocking out a new series of Cheese Theatre episodes, but after holding down the Sam Spade apartment in 891 Post Street for years he keeps his hand in on Hammett stuff — and just popped these notes in as … Continue reading

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Hammett: Rhea, Wilmer, or. . . ?

Mike Humbert refreshes his name in my Tag Cloud by sending in a link to a bit about The Maltese Falcon he’s found hanging out in the web — as he notes, it is an “Off-the-wall theory, but interesting. . . .” The … Continue reading

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Hammett: Lost Stories, Found

After his first Guest Blogger spot, tracking down the pure text for Hammett’s Continental Op yarn “This King Business,” Terry Zobeck returns with another Adventure in Collecting. Here’s Terry:   Ever since I read Richard Layman’s 1981 Hammett biography Shadow Man, … Continue reading

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Tour: Death in the Tenderloin

Mike Humbert came out on the tour this past Sunday and popped one of the many asides that make the walk the meta-tour that it is up on his personal YouTube channel. You may know Mike’s name — he did the maps … Continue reading

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