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Rediscovered: Chandler and the Great War

Brian Wallace lets me know about news popping in scattered corners of the noir universe. I suspect he thinks I’m too lazy to look for the stuff myself, and if so, he isn’t wrong. For many long years I have operated under the … Continue reading

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Tour: 3 Sundays in October

For anyone who wants to just show up by noon near the revolving “L” sculpture with 20 bucks and four hours to kill, take your pick from Sunday October 15 or Sunday October 22 or Sunday October 29 — the tourist … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: A Mil Plus Will Get You Boucher Central

Wooden crates house the library of William Anthony Parker White — better known by the penname Anthony Boucher to the mystery-reading world — in the upstairs office area of his longtime Berkeley home. D. S. Black of the Bancroft Library just … Continue reading

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Hammett: A Few Notes from a Former Thin Man

Naturally, my post the other day about the first meeting of me and no less than Bill Arney on a tour back in 1982 was noticed by Bill Arney, who says: “Oh, man. “That was my first hat, my first … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday May 17 and Sunday June 7

Okay, the requests for walks have rolled in, so if you’re ready and able on either Sunday May 17 or Sunday June 7, you can just show up at noon clutching $20, with four hours available to kill gumshoeing up … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday September 21

  Image above — gesticulating next to the plaque marking the Sam Spade apartment building in 891 Post Street. And if you want to gumshoe the mean streets on The Dashiell Hammett Tour this month, your chance to do so … Continue reading

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Tour: Hot Off the Mean Streets

My gumshoes have barely stopped smoking after leading the tour yesterday and I learn that Bill O’Such already has a photo gallery up for any and all to see. He wasn’t lugging around that camera just for grins. You’ve got some shots of … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday July 20

I’m handling most of the demand for walks caused by the recent New York Times article by arranging groups by appointment during the week, but at least one out-of-towner asked for one on a Sunday — which I figure ought … Continue reading

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Tour: The June Walks

Okay, June is coming up fast — kicking off with a walk on Sunday June 1 and another on Sunday June 22 (with at least one tour by appointment booked in there, too, thus far). For the walks on June 1 … Continue reading

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Tour: March and April Walks

Ask at least a month in advance and there’s a fighting chance you will receive — attend the tour on Sunday March 13th or the walk on Sunday April 3rd and check it out with the folk who gave me enough lead … Continue reading

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