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Frisco Beat: Stanley C. Sargent

Counting down to the showing of Lon Chaney’s The Penalty in the Old Mint next Thursday — which I chalk up as one of the successful ideas I pitched to the Tenderloin Museum when they were asking what other programs … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Biography Month Once More on These Mean Streets

What ho, it is Biography Month once again on Up and Down These Mean Streets — last time I did one was July 2012. The new bio of Jim Tully was a big excuse that time, and no doubt the … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: “Cairo’s Hotel” Grabs a New Alias

In the latest and greatest edition of The Dashiell Hammett Tour book, I advance a new theory about why the various fictitious hotels in The Maltese Falcon picked up their names — one of several fresh litcrit wrinkles I toss in, … Continue reading

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Tour: October 23

Okay, another chance to put some wear on your gumshoes — a Hammett Tour open to anyone who wants to show up, noon, Sunday October 23. The usual. Four hours. Ten bucks. Rain or shine.

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