Noir: Another Murderous Monday with Nathan Ward. . .

Our Hammett biographer pal Nathan Ward returns to the mean streets of the Akashic Press website with another Mondays Are Murder noir short-short — 750 words, tops, and in line with the Akashic “City” Series the streets have to be real, or at least sound like they’re the real thing.

Nathan assures me that “this small piece of scruffy 70s New York” is pretty authentic: “All true except for the made up part.”

If you’re doing Bouchercon in New Orleans in a few days, you might spot Nathan among the mysterious hordes wandering the high ground between the bayous. For a day or two I thought about going myself, then nixed it.

At least I put Nathan in touch with Tenderloin Terry Zobeck so they can tie in and talk Hammett and all things hard-boiled. Gee, if I’d known Terry was going when I was thinking about it, that would have been another thing for that side of the scale. . . .

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