Blog: In the Testimonial Department. . .

Tossing off the Despond of Winter (or whatever has been going on over at his house), the once frequent and fan favorite Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck just popped in a note saying he’s preparing for future rounds of guest posts. Any time he’s ready to rock, the Mean Streets stand ready.

Plus Terry noticed that one of his previous posts — where Terry scouted out some early Hammett writings — got quoted on the testimonial page for It kind of looks as if the quote is attributable to me, but the blurb is all Terry.

Also in the wings we’ve got posts upcoming from John D. Haefele, and Brian Leno finally has slugged his way through the book of essays on Robert E. Howard, all by academics.

And now allow me to slump back for a moment into the Despond of Spring before all these guest posts begin to surge in. . . .

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